The Journey of Newports Institute: A Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

“Providing the individualized attention of a small college, combined with the scope and worldwide significance of a top-tier institution Newports boasts the honor of being the nation’s foremost collegiate university.”

Newports Institute: An Overview from the Past

Newports Institute of Communications & Economics was founded in 2002 with the goal of delivering quality education affordably. Its educational programs are crafted to equip students to confront the demands of the corporate realm.

Providing the individualized attention of a small college, combined with the scope and global significance of a leading institution, Newports asserts itself as the country’s foremost collegiate university.


Our mission is to cultivate the entire individual, graduating students who aspire to meaningful lives.

Our academic programs are structured to prepare students to face challenges of the rapidly changing and evolving world.

Educating the Whole Person: Preparing Students for a Dynamic World

Our mission is to develop the entire individual, graduating students who pursue meaningful lives. Our academic programs are crafted to equip students to tackle the challenges of the rapidly evolving and advancing world.

Newports: A Hub of Professional Education and Vibrant Campus Life

The Newports, spanning 1.5 acres, is located at 40-L, Block-6 PECHS (off Jason Trade Centre Sh-Faisal) 75100, Block 6 PECHS, Karachi, District de Karachi-Sud, Sind, Pakistan. The educational complex at this campus features custom-designed infrastructure that facilitates professional education in a serene environment. Purpose-built buildings, open areas, and green lawns, along with a diverse student body, create an engaging and dynamic campus atmosphere.

Environment at Newports:

Students at Newports have numerous opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. These include drama, debates, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, musical events, and festivals. Such activities are organized by student societies under the mentorship of faculty patrons and with support from the administration. Students are encouraged to participate in tournaments for cricket, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, and more.

The institute fosters an environment of diligence, discipline, leadership, and professionalism. There is a strong emphasis on providing the quality facilities that students and parents desire and expect from an educational institution.


Academic year at Newports

The academic calendar comprises Fall (September-January) and Spring (January-May) terms, each spanning approximately 18 weeks, along with a Summer (June-August) term lasting 8 weeks. Full-time students typically enroll in 5-6 courses during Fall and Spring terms and up to 2 courses during the Summer term.

Attendance Policy at Newports

Rules and protocols are rigorously enforced at Newports regarding attendance. The institute closely monitors attendance regulations, marking any student arriving after roll call as absent. A maximum of 20% absences are permissible for emergencies. Students will be automatically withdrawn from a course if their absences surpass the allowable limit.

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