General Policy For Newports

Attendance Requirement Students must maintain at least 75% attendance in each course to be eligible for the final examination. Failure to meet this requirement may result in being barred from the final exam.

Teaching Methodology and Failures Course outlines are provided in the first class, and guest speaker sessions are mandatory. Students failing courses must repeat them according to specific guidelines.

Probation and Withdrawal Students with a GPA below 2.5 receive a warning. Those with a GPA below 2.0 are placed on probation and may face withdrawal if no improvement is seen.

Midterm and Final Examination Policy Exams are scheduled as per the “Final Week Schedule” and cannot be changed except in genuine cases. HODs prepare the examination timetable three weeks before the exams.

Result Submission and Compilation Examiners submit assessed answer sheets and results to the Examination Cell. Results are entered into the ERP system and signed by the examiner, In-charge Examination Cell, and Rector. Results are uploaded on the student portal.

Academic Integrity The policy includes measures to prevent academic misconduct, such as plagiarism and cheating, with clear penalties and disciplinary procedures.


Newports Institute invites applications for various academic programs through advertisements in print media, social media, or any other appropriate channels. Each program requires an admission test, though applicants with 50% in NTS/SAT/GAT may be exempt from this test. The percentage achieved in NTS/SAT/GAT will be considered equivalent to the university’s admission test percentage.

Successful applicants must pass an interview assessing their social attitude, motivation, positive character, and background. Grades from O and A levels will be equated to Matric and Intermediate percentages, respectively, with an equivalence certificate from IBCC being mandatory. Foreign degree holders must provide HEC equivalency at the time of admission.

Admission requirements and degree program roadmaps will be available on the institute’s website, in the prospectus, or through other suitable mediums. Candidates awaiting results can apply by submitting a certificate stating they have appeared in the exam and expect to meet the minimum required percentage for the program. If a candidate fails to provide the result within the prescribed time or does not meet the required percentage, their admission will be canceled. No admission fee will be charged if such a candidate reapplies.

If incorrect or forged information is discovered at any stage of the academic career at Newports Institute, the admission will be canceled, and no transcript will be issued. Candidates must adhere to all rules, regulations, and policies published by the institute.

Academic Year

An academic year at Newports Institute consists of two regular semesters, Fall and Spring, each with 16 weeks of teaching. A Summer semester of 8 weeks is available for internships, business projects, and repeating or making up failed courses. A limited number of courses may be offered during the Summer semester at the discretion of the Dean/HoD.


Students may add or drop a course within the first two weeks of the semester. A dropped course will be treated as if it was never registered.

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