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  • It seems like you're listing reasons why someone might choose Newport University in Karachi. Here's a refined version of your points:

  • HEC recognized: Accredited by the Higher Education Commission, ensuring quality education standards.

  • Chartered by Govt of Sindh: Official recognition and authority to confer degrees by the government of Sindh

  • Central Karachi location: Convenient accessibility in the heart of Karachi, a major urban center.

  • Faculty with National & International Level PhDs: Ensures high-quality education and expertise.

  • Industrial linkages: Provides opportunities for practical experience and networking in industries.

  • Supports entrepreneurship: Encourages innovation and business development among students.

  • Online library access: Extensive resources with over 4000 books for academic support.

  • Center of Executive Development (CED): Offers frequent training and development programs to enhance professional skills.

  • Strong sports society: Recognized for achievements with national and international level athletes and trophies.

  • Soft Skills Training: Workshops and seminars to improve communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

  • Industrial & Corporate Visits: Hands-on learning through visits to relevant industries and companies.

  • Certifications & Seminars: Opportunities to earn additional certifications and attend specialized seminars.

  • Job & Internship Placement: Support services to help students secure employment and internships.

  • Certified Sports Trainer: Access to professional guidance and training for sports enthusiasts.

  • Focus on Communication Skills: Emphasis on developing effective communication abilities.

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