Newports Institute of Communications and Economics is aware of the shifts in the world economy and the rapid development and we are determined to provide our students with the real value for their investment in terms of the development of required skills, attitude, and knowledge needed by today’s business environment


The Department of Business Administration believes in applied learning experience and development of hands-on problem-solving, which makes our programs challenging, interesting, and rewarding. We have professional and highly qualified faculty with academic and industrial experience.

We are committed to an updated business academic curriculum that results in transforming business education and preparing our students to smartly fit into a variety of emerging leadership roles with a knack to tackle critical issues that intrigue the management arena in the contemporary business world.

The mission of the Business Administration Department is:
  • To offer quality business education programs and transform students to become effective business leaders or entrepreneurs
  • To produce graduates with enhanced skills and competencies in specialized business fields
  • To develop analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students
  • To inculcate a strong sense of ethics and commitment to serve the fundamental needs of society
  • To achieve excellence in the field of Business Administration through a conducive teaching and learning environment
  • To build strong management, entrepreneurship and leadership skills of a student needed for a successful career and professional growth
  • To make graduates capable of working in diverse situations and continuously changing business markets
  • To prepare students to use and work in high-tech environments understanding the emerging technologies around the local and international business world
  • To develop communication skills of students and enable them to produce effective reports, documentation, and presentations
  • To evolve as an integral part of society by assuming social, ethical environmental responsibilities
  • Capable to work in and adapt to ever-changing business trends and environments
  • Deal with challenges and create efficient solutions for business and industry
  • Successfully execute business strategies and implement proposals to achieve profitable results
  • Effectively communicate with all stakeholders through articulate business plans/budget, reports/memos, letters, etc
  • Perform community services in addition to their other duties with a keen understanding of ethical and moral values
  • Be able to effectively apply concepts and theory to the real world and continuously upgrade through improvement