chairman messsage

Chairman Message: Knowledge, consciousness, and wisdom are the components of the most nutrient-dense diet for mental growth, and Education is the pill that contains all three of these components. Realizing the importance of education in a nation’s development, Newports Institute of Communications and Economics is doing its lot to help turn our young into valuable human resources. According to the Board of Governors’ instructions, Newports is set up to give students a top-notch education with a focus on developing their interpersonal skills. Additionally, we are helping pupils learn how to work together. While keeping pace with developments in technology, computer science, economics, and finance.

Expertise in IT and economics are now the two key aspects that contribute to the development and advancement of a state. We have committed to specializing in these two areas. In addition to educating them, we are dedicated to fostering our pupils to become successful and competitive adults.

I want pupils to utilize all resources fully and put in a lot of effort so they can one day make their families and nation proud.

Brig (R) Sadiq Jamal
Board of Governors
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics

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