Chairman's Message

ALLAH (SWT) has endowed humans with infinite potential and there is no parallel of the abilities and power of a human mind. It is a proven fact that whatever a human mind can conceive it can achieve. The ingredients of the most nutritional diet for growth of mind are knowledge, awareness, wisdom and the capsule which includes all these ingredients is Education. Education plays a key role in the growth of a country and realizing this principle, Newports Institute of Communications and Economics is playing its part to develop our youth into a productive human resource. In compliance with the directives of the Board of Governors, Newports is designed to provide quality education to students with emphasis to enhance their interpersonal skills. Furthermore, we are developing collaborative skills in students. While remaining in step with the advancement made in the field of technology, computer science, economics, finance and physical therapy, we have created an environment that is congenial to learning.

In the on-going situation, expertise in IT and economics are the two main factors that contribute towards the growth and progress of a state. We have taken on ourselves to specialize in these two fields. We are committed to providing our students with not only education but also nurturing them to become productive and competitive individuals. We focus on competent faculty members and provide direction towards a prosperous future, success, and achievements.

I expect students to make full use of all facilities and work hard so that one day they are able to make their families and country proud of them.

Brig (R) Sadiq Jamal
Board of Governors
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics