Board of Governors

  • Brig. (R) Sadiq Jamal (Chairman)
  • Mr. Justice Salahuddin Panhwar (A Judge of the High Court of Sindh nominated by the Chief Justice)
  • Mr. Javed Khan (Special nominee appointed by HEC, Special nominee of the Department for the meeting Secretary, Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh or his nominee
  • Mr. Muffasar Atta Malik (President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industries)
  • Mr. Matanat Ali Khan (Nominees of the society)
  • Mr. Sardar Yaseen Malik (Nominees of the society)
  • Mr. Furqan Shaikh (Nominee Of The Society)
  • Dr. Mansoor Ahmed (One scientist of national or international repute nominated by the Board)
  • Ms. Huma Bukhari (Vice Chairperson)
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon (Rector/Secretary)