Rector's Message

It gives me privilege to serve as the Rector of Newports Institute of Communications and Economics. We at Newports feel that it not only as our obligation to serve the community through imparting quality education but also play our role to transform and nurture the potential of our youth through object oriented teaching and outcome based learning. It has produced cls who have outshone and performed in a challenging environment and are in a continual process of generating a breed of competent, knowledgeable and creative individuals making them ready to work in any type of a system.

We are witnessing an intersection of great challenge and opportunity of programs in the fields of Business, Computer Science, Technology, and Education and new disciplines such as Software Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Physical Therapy and Economics are specifically designed to counter limitations and explore future prospects. We are confident that our teaching faculty with a modern outlook shape the future of the students.

We are striving that the institute will play a pivotal role in elevating the quality of education, and uplift the overall learning environment of Newports Institute of Communications and Economics.

I wish all the students a pleasant and memorable experience at Newports Institute.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon
Board of Governors
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics