Co-Chairperson Message

As we begin a new academic year, I want to take this opportunity to welcome all of you to our Newports’ community. The starting of a new semester is for all of us, a time of excitement and potential: a time to look ahead at the boundless possibilities and endeavors that await all of us at Newports Institute. They are also a time of ambition, innovation, and creation: a time to reassess what we wish to achieve and whom we aspire to become, both as individuals and as a community.

There are many universities in Pakistan focusing on exceptional education, our focus has never been to compete, our goal since the beginning is to create such an atmosphere where students not only feel that they are getting equal opportunities but feel that they can apply their learnings into their practical lives. Newports Institute is built on uniquely Pakistan ideals of opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Our founding principle is to be open to people with ideas, students who will create a better environment for discovery and learning. It has been our responsibility: to strive always for competence and purpose to be open to ideas and meet here to take a role in building a community of scholarships and engagement where every member has the chance to thrive.

My message to all the students is not to be afraid, be committed, be focused, be hopeful, be empowered. Empower yourself with an excellent education and lead by example with hope; never fear your failures. Greatness never comes from sitting back and watching a show, it comes from taking your first step forward. Do not strive for getting a good grade, however, focus on your capabilities and one day you will eventually discover who you are and that is the moment when Newport’s community will be proud of you. Success is not about how your life looks to others it is about how it feels to you therefore folks, never give up and always take that first step.

Zainab Taiyyeba alias Huma Bukhari
Board of Governors
Newports Institute of Communications and Economics