Physical therapy and health rehabilitation are one of the most important areas of health care to facilitate in the development of a treatment plan for the care of patients of all ages who are incapacitated due to diseases and disorders of the various body systems. It will help to prepare the future generation with a vision of research, outcomes measurement and evidence-based practice.


Our vision is to contribute to profession of physical therapy and rehabilitation sciences by providing students through quality education based on clinical reasoning and teaching, and to prepare highly skilled therapist so they can serve the nation with devotion and commitment.

Our mission is to contribute to the society through advancement in education, developing knowledge, implementing clinical research and to prepare competent rehab professionals and to teach them ethical and social values for effective patient care in physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

Specifically, the core objectives are to ensure that students graduate with:
  • To improve and update program curriculum of Physical therapy department to line up with professional requirements and according to HEC guidelines.
  • To update and advance Laboratory infrastructure and upgrade existing Laboratory equipment in order to meet changing requirements of programs.
  • To advance the student’s abilities to independently develop and carry out research projects that strive to establish the scientific basis for the prevention, evaluation and treatment of impairments, functional limitations, and disability.
  • To positioned program graduates to assume academic appointments that emphasize research, scholarship, and teaching.
  • To develop a strong sense of ethical and professional practice to serve the basic needs of society.
The outcomes depict what students in the program are expected to know and after the completion of degree in Doctor of Physical therapy Program from Newports, how our alumni compete in this contemporary world of Physical Therapy:
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of basic and clinical sciences relevant to physical therapy, both in their fundamental context and in their application to the discipline of physical therapy.
  • Demonstrate social and professional skills to students to make them efficient professionals and providing evidence-based physical therapy services to patients.
  • Demonstrate leadership, management, and communication skills to engage themselves effectively in order to communicate with patients with recent rehabilitation techniques.
  • Exhibit command in entry level ethical and professional clinical skills and provision of these services based on the best available evidence, including physical therapy examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, prevention activities, wellness initiatives and appropriate health care utilization.
  • Establish behaviors of a scholarly clinician by developing and utilizing the process of critical thinking and inquiry in problem-solving, particularly focusing on improvement in the practice of physical therapy and delivery of health care.