The Career Development Center (CDC) of Newports Institute of Communications and Economics, is a department offering and facilitating training and placement requirements for the graduates of Newports Institute who are nearing or have completed their degree programs. CDC, since its formation has been dedicatedly working to not only provide students excellent prospects but has also created important and valued forward linkage with various organizations and corporations resulting in effective placements of the graduates. CDC also facilitates and enables students to professionally approach and deal with interviews, discussions, forums and other important situations during the time of selection. It also conducts special in-house as well as guest sessions with our graduating students focusing on improving their personalities and traits:

  • Presentational skills
  • Basic logical and verbal reasoning
  • Group discussions or focus groups
  • Personal etiquettes
  • Situational Reasoning
The important objectives of the Career Development Center are:
  • To act as the bridge between the Industry and the NICE graduates and transform and shortlist students fitting the corporate need and requirements
  • To develop and flourish a strong incessant Institute-Industry communication
  • To shore up the industry; to identify the best trends and market requirements
  • To prepare the student towards the niche market that matches the requirements of employers
  • To maintain the database of students CV/Resume of students for sharing with the intended employer
  • Provide counselling to students on job opportunities and requirements
  • Prepare students for the Interview processes
  • Frequently conduct industrial and field visits for students to familiarize themselves with the professional or corporate environment
  • Invite prospective and notable guest speakers from companies to campus
  • To register the qualified students for training and sharpen the skills to fit for the selective employment
  • To work on signing formal or informal agreements with corporates and industries
  • To identify student representatives and encourage team spirit and teamwork among them
Functions of Career Counselors:
  • A Career Counsellor is available in the Institute to guide students in the right direction, and are also act as a focal person to coordinate and communicate with the employer to process student’s employment and placement requests.
  • Program wise counselling is also provided by the counsellors to students belonging to a specific Degree Program
  • Career counsellors motivate, encourage and guide students in the right direction to pursue and achieve their career in the right way.
  • Handle students with an open-door policy for easy approach and guidance.
  • Career counsellors provide latest and up-to-date information on market demands and new job trends
  • Career counsellor are aligned with the market and continue working for the betterment of the students
  • Career counsellors maintain a database of prospected job openings and positions and share with students if necessary
CDC Procedures and Processes:
  • For internships and placements, prestigious companies and businesses are approached and efforts to create liaison with companies are made through correspondences, phones calls, references, and emails etc.
  • Through continuous communication and follow-ups, information of openings and positions are obtained from the companies, employers, headhunters, and recruiters etc. The information obtained is shared with students through emails/SMS’ are posted on the notice boards or specially designated areas.
  • Visits and meetings are arranged with various companies and the concerning officials to share and obtain information about openings and brief them about the potential of NICE students
  • Before passing out, student records are thoroughly revised for their job placements
  • Corporate leaders and executives are invited to the Campus to gain important information and feedback on Newports capabilities and strength.
  • Headhunters and recruiters are approached and CVs/Resume of students are given for effective placements etc.
  • All students are encouraged to connect with Newports through Linkedin or social forums for building strong networking ties in the corporate world
  • Job Ads are placed and circulated on the campus Website for students to view and respond accordingly
  • After the Internship/Job placement, Students’ Feedback Forms are collected from students and the information obtained are also shared with students
  • CDC collaborates with the government sector, corporate sector and business association of federation.
  • All correspondence is maintained and documented for the prompt response