Newports Institute

Campus Life


The institute consists of a self-service cafeteria serving delicious cuisine and snacks. Students are provided with a cafeteria having congenial and a healthy atmosphere with a variety of edible items to choose from. Newports Institute ensures that our students get a healthy and hygienic environment.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

We firmly believe that staying physically fit is as important as staying mentally fit. In this regard, Newports Institute provides its students with experienced instructors who help the students in sports such as cricket, football, badminton, tennis and etc. The students are also provided with a recreational area consisting of a small basketball area, table tennis, hand ball, chess table etc.

Music Room

Newports Institute has a fully equipped music room for its students. Consisting of guitars, drums, darbuka, piano and other musical instruments. Newports allows all its students to use the music room (under the supervision of a Music Society Executive Member) throughout the week. Vocal and Guitar classes take place every week and they enable students to learn the art of music and singing from trained teachers.

Transport Service

Newports Institute has its own transport service to provide its student with pick and drop facilities from pre-decided points around the city.