Newports Institute


Newports Institute of Communications and Economics has the privilege of producing outstanding graduates’ to-date, each one being an exceptional professional.
Key positions in leading listed companies, corporations, and banks are held by the alumni of Newports Institute.
The IBA graduates have worked and matched in performance with the graduates of the most renowned business schools of the world and are the school of choice for most of the young men and women interested in careers and leadership in business.


Functions and Responsibilities

The members of the NICE Alumni Association (NAA) shall be responsible for completing the following tasks and functions:

  • Follow the trends of Alumni Council/Association by pursuing:
    • Excellence
    • A Continuous relationship with NICE and its students
    • Inclusiveness and diversity
    • Act as a Brand Ambassador and an Advocate of NICE
  • Attend Meetings and functions of NAA devotedly as a member
  • Help to develop Strategic Planning and participate perseveringly to promote Alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to NICE graduates
  • Diligently communicate the mission and purpose of the Institute and Alumni Association to the wider alumni population
  • Support a strong relationship between the NAA and graduates with the existing students of NICE
  • Remain updated on the NAA objectives, services, priorities, and programs
  • Recognize and champion loyalty, professional achievement and community service by fellow NICE students and graduates
  • Assist existing students of NICE and fellow alumni in career planning, placements and career changes
  • Encourage qualified and diverse prospective students to join NICE
  • Develop strong working relationships with other members of the NAA
  • Promote NICE whenever an opportunity arises
  • Provide whatever financial support available to the NAA through their own or indirect resources to cover alumni dues and encourage fellow alumni to do the same.