Newports Institute


Scholarship Policy

Newports Institute is awarding generous scholarships to its students in the form of tuition fee waivers/concessions. At the start of a degree program, scholarships are awarded, to continue with awarded scholarship in subsequent semesters, there are continuation conditions, which are primarily based on the applicant’s SGPA, CGPA and Academic Load of the last semester. The applicant must fulfill the prescribed conditions to continue the scholarship in the next semester. Failing to comply with these conditions shall lead to the cancellation or revision of percentage of the awarded scholarship at least for one semester. The same can be reinstated once the prescribed conditions are met.


  1. Scholarships are offered based on the criteria laid down in the table.
  2. Students must secure their admission prior to applying for scholarships.
  3. Students must secure a semester SGPA of 3.00 or above to retain their scholarships.
  4. Other than Merit Based scholarship, no more than 50% of aggregate scholarships shall be granted during a semester.
The candidate is applicable to apply for the following Scholarships:

Scholarship Name

Percentage of Scholarship

CGPA of Scholarship

Need Based
*Each case varies

10% – 30% (Tuition Fees Only)


All Programs

DPT Program

Semester Programs

Merit Based

(This scholarship will be given based on the percentage gained in the last qualification)

 80% & above – 75%

70% & above – 50%

60% & above – 25%

50% & above – 10%


90% & above – 75%

80% & above – 50%

70% & above – 25%

60% & above – 10%


3.80 & above – 75%

3.50 & above – 50%

3.25 & above – 30%

3.00 & above – 20%

Financial Assistance

Installments Available


20% (Tuition Fees Only)

Government Servants

(Civil & Armed Forces)

20% (Tuition Fees Only)

Family of Shuhada

30% (Tuition Fees Only)

Nominees of Orphanage Centers

30% (Tuition Fees Only)

Special Person

30% (Tuition Fees Only)



20% (Tuition Fees Only)


50% (Tuition Fees Only)

Note: Scholarship forms are available in Admissions Department.

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