When are admission are offered in NICE?

NICE offers admissions in Fall and Spring Semesters only.

Can you drop a regular semester?

Students must register in order for every regular semester; however, a student has the option to freeze his/her regular semester. In this case, a request must be submitted in order to either freeze or drop a regular semester, subject to approval from the concerned department.

How many courses can be taken in an Optional Semester?

A student is only allowed to take a maximum of 3 courses, having not more than 9 Credit hours, in an optional semester.

Who can take Summer (Crash) semester?

Any student who has either failed, or has been stopped to take the examination due to shortage of class attendance, or wishes to improve his/her grade, is allowed to register in the summer semester or by taking remedial coursework, upon approval of authorities.

How many weeks are allocated to teaching and examination in a semester?

In the Fall and Spring Semesters, at least 14 weeks are allocated for teaching and related activities such as presentations, project reports, visits etc; whereas 2 weeks are designated for Examinations in which Midterm and Final Examinations are given 1 week each. Summer (Crash) semester has 7 teaching weeks whereas the time allocated for Examinations is 1 Week.

How many regular semesters are offered in NICE in an Academic Year?

NICE offers two regular/full semesters in an Academic Year, titled Fall and Spring.

How many courses can be taken in a Regular Semester?

A student can take a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4-course load in a regular semester.

What is Summer (Crash) Semester?

Summer (Crash) semester is an optional semester for students and is not regarded as a complete/regular Semester.

What is the duration of each semester?

Each semester (Fall and Spring) may comprise of approximately 17-18 weeks. For the exact duration, refer to the Academic Calendar of the required semester. Summer (Crash) semester is of 8 weeks.