Newports Institute of Communications and Economics, an academic and research institution based in Karachi, offers higher education services in multiple disciplines since its inception in 2002. The Institute is chartered by the Government of Sindh and recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The Newports Institute of Communications and Economics provides education in the disciplines of Business Administration, Computer Science, Education, Technology and Social Sciences and is proud to have highly qualified and experienced faculty members, including Ph.D. professors, from both local and foreign universities. The Institute has a dynamic learning, teaching and research-oriented environment for generating the understanding and application of the theories learnt by students.

In the face of a rapidly changing environment and with ever-growing needs, challenges and competencies imposed by external and internal factors, Newports Institute provides a platform for its students to acquire quality education and prepares them to become a competent workforce, able to compete and face any challenges in the professional world.

Newports Institute has gone through major changes over the last decade in order to embrace a wider set of Disciplines in the curriculum. Constructive changes in the curricula of the Institute is the response to the requirements of society, the economy and the market. The integral changes are also the outcome of associations with credible local and international Institutions and important stakeholders, the most prominent being the Newports Alumni. During these past two decades, the Newports Institute has witnessed massive developments in areas like the building of Purpose-Built Campuses, increase in Educational Programs and Industrial Linkages that are ultimately changing the academic and physical landscape.