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Department of Technology

In today’s diverse world economy, technology plays a vital role in human development, and the development of the society at large. Technology is growing and changing at the rate of unprecedented speed in the human history. We know that the Pakistan’s future growth and development lies on the advanced research and development in the technologically advanced commerce and industry. Our youth needs to be prepared to take the challenges of technologically changing world market place.

Our goal is to prepare and produce graduates, who are fully equipped with the advanced and up-to-date technology to be competitive in ever changing global markets.

The Department of Technology has its educational goal of producing eminent technical professionals who can effectively contribute to the knowledge advancement and wellbeing of the country.

NICE is a proud compliant in the letter and spirit of HEC requirements attached with the enrollment and the classroom education and the hands-on technology practices.

We encourage our future technology students to visit us at any work-day, and speak with one of our knowledgeable counselors for guidance and admission.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expand our reach beyond the Karachi area to train the students with the latest technology, and enable them to fill the ever-growing technology needs of our country. We plan to produce technology graduates, who will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to build a safe and prosper world for the future generations.

Department Objectives

The Department of Technology (DoT) disseminates the highest quality in education among its students. The DoT, through its most advanced teaching methodology, emphasizes on the adaptability to changing needs of industry and unbiased accessibility of its programs to all aspiring students, which translates into the following objectives.

• Provide professionally competent student-oriented faculty and staff;
• Demonstrate excellent and effective teaching methodology to produce the professionally competent graduates, who are capable to advance rapidly in their respective areas of specialization;
• Create and maintain safe and healthy environment conducive to academic excellence and growth for all students;
• Develop regionally and nationally recognized programs;
• Respond to regional and national industry needs by designing curriculum and instructional methodologies and to provide appropriate laboratory;
• Ensure continued professional competence of faculty and staff in teaching, creative endeavors, and service;
• Promote advancement of knowledge through research and publication by both, faculty and students;
• Provide equal opportunity for those, who wish to seek admission in various programs of study without bias to caste, class, creed, religion and gender.