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NICE Research Vision

Our vision seeks to generate a culture and environment that fosters and rewards innovation and hence become one of outstanding research institution by conducting quality research, scholarship, and development that progress knowledge and contribute to the economic growth, social advancement and improved quality of life in Sindh and Pakistan; and in the region as a whole.

NICE Research Mission

To expand research capability and capacity for innovative research programs that align well with the institutional mission and strategic plan as well as local and global research priorities to address current national and global needs, and through commercialization of research, noticeably support the economic development of Sindh and Pakistan fostering sustainable development and diverse employment opportunities.

Research Policy

Newports Institute of Communications and Economics (NICE) firmly believes that the economic progress to meet socio-economic needs of the province of Sindh and Pakistan can only be sustained through knowledge-based economy driven by target oriented research and innovation. Thus, the NICE is largely inclined towards promoting research and innovation in every program being offered now and those planned in future. The Research Policy is a deliberate effort to propel the NICE and its campuses in the region to achieve this goal.

Coordination of Research at NICE The responsibility for coordination of research functions and resource mobilization for research promotion is vested in the Offic Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC).

Title of Conference/Seminar/Symposia etc Organization/Collaboration Country Year Date(s) of Conference
Seminar - Transforming youth into future business leaders Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 June
Seminar - Brand Manager Attributes Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Seminar - How to acquire Financial Feasibility Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Seminar - Defining career path for professional excellence Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Ministry of IT, Sindh. Quebee, ICT R&D Fund, PSEB Pakistan 2012 April
Seminar - Shaping youth’s attitude in a diverse work culture Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 April
Seminar - Role of business associations in the economic development of Pakistan Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 March