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List of International/ National Conferences/Workshops/ Seminars hosted by NICE


Newports Institute of Communications & Economics firmly believes in broadening the knowledge base through dialogues and sharing the best practices. To transform the belief into reality NICE frequently organize National and International conferences in the areas of Management Science, Informational Technology and others.

Series of such conferences follows and builds on other recent international activities; its recommendations should be supportive of, consistent with and based on agreements reached at earlier conferences. The Conferences/seminars outcomes are closely related to those of the ongoing seminars in the world, enabling the students, faculty and management to obtain a real time and update knowledge of their respective areas of interest.

Title of Conference/Seminar/Symposia etc Organization/Collaboration Country Year Date(s) of Conference
Seminar - Transforming youth into future business leaders Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 June
Seminar - Brand Manager Attributes Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Seminar - How to acquire Financial Feasibility Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Seminar - Defining career path for professional excellence Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 May
Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Ministry of IT, Sindh. Quebee, ICT R&D Fund, PSEB Pakistan 2012 April
Seminar - Shaping youth’s attitude in a diverse work culture Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 April
Seminar - Role of business associations in the economic development of Pakistan Newports Institute Pakistan 2012 March