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Department of Education

The Department of Education has its educational goal of producing well-trained and proficient pedagogues, who are equipped with principles and methods of teaching. These prospective teachers can effectively contribute to the knowledge, advancement, and wellbeing of the educational system in the country. In this modern and technologically advanced era, Education is very critical and important for the progress of our society. The prospective teachers, who would successfully complete their B.Ed. and M.Ed. Degrees would also be eligible for admission in higher studies.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Education is to:

• provide academic excellence to our students through best teaching practices in order to produce professionally skilled teachers

• able to serve the society and promote knowledge and values through collaborative approaches and research based programs.

• inculcate a strong sense of ethics and commitment to contribute to the needs of the society

Department Objectives

• Update the subject matter and its applications to align with the 21st century;

• Develop the professional skills and the necessary technical knowledge of students

• Provide sufficient depth and expertise to effectively handle subject matter in the discipline being taught;

• Identify the role of a prospective teacher in community development at large;

• Equip prospective teachers with the latest principles and methods of teaching integrating research and innovation.

• Develop skills in critical thinking, clear and thoughtful communication, creative expression, and honest open inquiry

• Develop a foundation for continuing education and self-learning that promotes lifelong professional advancement in the field