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Department of Computer Science

The computer has become an integral part of our lives in today’s complex world. In our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, businesses, industries, travel and everywhere the computer plays a major role in making the world move, perform and progress in an organized way. Computer solves the critical math problems at the schools and businesses and makes the complex operations and organ transplants go smooth at the hospitals. It connects persons in far-flung areas of the world, as well as flies them to the moon. The study of the principles and the use of computers is called the computer science.

The goal of the Department of Computer Science is to prepare and produce knowledgeable professionals having competencies in the field of computer based technologies. We teach our graduates how to effectively contribute to the knowledge, advancement, and progress of the organizations they own or work at.

We offer our students latest trends and studies in the computer science field and our students learn techniques and skills in both Pure Computer Science, as well as in the Applied Computer Science technologies.

After graduating, NICE students learn to appreciate the computer science as an intellectual discipline, as well as learn how to use this intellectual knowledge as an important tool in many endeavors in your life. We teach you how to become the logical and critical analyst with the help of computer science.

Our graduates are very successful professionals with exceptional earnings and many hallmark accomplishments at their workplaces.

We invite you to make an appointment with one of our counselors at the Department of Computer Science and take the tour of our facility. We guarantee you that you will appreciate the opportunity to meet with our faculty and staff.


To be one of the nation’s leading computer science departments with quality education producing graduates and postgraduates with recognized computer skills and competence br />

Mission Statement

The mission of Computer Science Department is:

• to provide our students with high-standard education in computer science using real, theoretical and practical approach;

• to develop technical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students and

• inculcate a strong sense of ethics and commitment to contribute to the needs of the society


Department Objectives

• Specifically, the core objectives are to ensure that students graduate with:

• knowledge of latest computer trends in architecture, programming and application development;

• productive, and valuable professionals in their field and provide ability to readily work with other domains ;

• written and oral communication skills, ethics, and professionalism to function effectively with technical and non-technical groups/individuals;

• Graduates will have an aptitude and desire to engage in lifelong learning, and will adapt to new technologies tools and methodologies; ;

• Working independently to analyze the requirements of complex problems in the real/business world and explore amicable solutions;

• Develop effective teamwork and management skills ;