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Department of Computer Science

The computer has become an integral part of our lives in today’s complex world. In our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, businesses, industries, travel and everywhere the computer plays a major role in making the world move, perform and progress in an organized way. Computer solves the critical math problems at the schools and businesses and makes the complex operations and organ transplants go smooth at the hospitals. It connects persons in far-flung areas of the world, as well as flies them to the moon. The study of the principles and the use of computers is called the computer science.

The goal of the Department of Computer Science is to prepare and produce knowledgeable and expert scientists, engineers and professionals in computer science at NICE. We teach our graduates how to effectively contribute to the knowledge, advancement, and progress of the organizations they own or work at.

We offer undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies in the computer science. Our students at the research level learn the Pure Computer Science, as well as the Applied Computer Science.

When you graduate from NICE, you learn to appreciate the computer science as an intellectual discipline, as well as learn how to use this intellectual knowledge as an important tool in many endeavors in your life. We teach you how to become the logical and critical analyst with the help of computer science.

Our graduates are very successful professionals with exceptional earnings and many hallmark accomplishments at their workplaces.

We invite you to make an appointment with one of our counselors at the Department of Computer Science and take the tour of our facility. We guarantee you that you will appreciate the opportunity to meet with our faculty and staff.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computer Science, at NICE, is to develop and prepare the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students as the leaders in their respective fields, who take their respective organizations to the next level of computing. Our most modern facilities and up-to-date teaching methodology gives us a competitive edge over the Karachi area technology institutes and enables our students to become world-class computer scientists.

Department Objectives

• Continue to update the curriculum of existing programs to align it with ever changing Computer Science Technology;

• Continue to develop faculty resources through teacher training programs, and faculty exchange programs with other institutions to ensure the strengthening of our expertise base to meet departmental education and research goals;

• Upgrade/ Replace existing computers in departmental computer laboratories to continue to meet curricular requirements of programs being offered;

• Constantly upgrade departmental library and book bank to ensure availability of textbooks, research journals and other reference materials to the computer science students;

• Develop new undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs with the curriculum based on business and industry needs and HEC recommendations;

• Upgrade and develop departmental research facilities

• Encourage research publications, through in-house research journal publication and partial or full financing of student and faculty research papers in other high impact factor research journals;

• Continue to improve curriculum, resources, facilities and student assessment mechanism, based on assessment results and corrective action;

• Encourage students and faculty to participate in local and international seminars as well as organize in-house, lectures, seminars, conferences, etc.