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Board Of Governors

The Board of Governors is regarded as the ‘Governing Body’ of an institution. The Board of Governors exercises the powers to hold, control and administer the property, funds and resources of the Institute. The Board of Governors comprises of a group of individuals responsible to oversee the running of an institution and approves Annual Reports, Annual Budgets Estimations, Work Plan, Regulations and procedures. The constitution/composition of the Board of Governors as defined in the Newports Institute of Communications and Economics Ordinance is as follows:

Members Of The Board Of Governors

• Brig. (R) Sadiq Jamal (Chairperson)

• Ms. Zainab Taiyyeba (Co-Chairperson)

• Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon (Rector/Secretary)

• A Judge Of The High Court Of Sindh Nominated By The Chief Justice

• Special Nominee Appointed By Hec Secretary

• Education & Literacy Department, Government Of Sindh Or His Nominee President

• Karachi Chamber Of Commerce And Industries Mr. Matanat Ali Khan (Nominee Of The Society)

• Mr. Sardar Yaseen Malik (Nominee Of The Society)

• Mr. Matanat Ali Khan (Nominee Of The Society)

• Mr. Furqan Shaikh (Nominee Of The Society)