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Newports Institute of Communications and Economic (NICE) not only recognize a student’s excellence and performances but also distinguish high achievers by providing and facilitating monetary assistance through merit scholarships. NICE merit scholarships are primarily based on extraordinary academics performances and outcome demonstrate by a student in their field/program of study. We also award merit scholarships to students having performed exceptionally in other than academics such as sports, arts, debates and other fields. Merit scholars are awarded for a specified time frame and are renewed on time to time basis.

Students may be nominated for Merit Scholarship by the Dean of the respective degree program or they may apply themselves if they fulfilled eligibility criteria mentioned below. However, unlike need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships are given on competencies and achievements of the students. Scholarships are awarded subject to availability of funds, the number of seats. They are renewed on the continuous higher academic grades of the students.

Eligibility Criteria

• Only full time/regular students of the Institute may apply who have not taken long breaks/interruption during their studies
• Students must have overall Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.5 or more
• Proof of accomplishments, certificates/medals for students applying for merit scholarships on the basis other than academics

Terms and Conditions:

• Merit scholarships may only apply to the tuition fees. All students may have to pay for all the other associated costs
• Scholarships are valid for those semesters they are granted for. They must be renewed in each semester separately
• A change of degree program by a student voids his/her merit scholarship
• Scholarship will be terminated if a student discontinues or drops a particular semester or withdraws from an examination
• Institute reserves a right to claim/chargeback all of the fees that were exempted through a scholarship if a student were found guilty of illegal and/or unethical conduct or submitted false information to acquire financial assistance

NICE does not have an allocated/specified number of merit scholarship seats available as mentioned above such provisions are based on various other factors.