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i. NICE adopts open policy of granting admissions to students irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, background and socio-economic conditions on merit and upon the fulfillment of admission criteria laid by the Institute.

ii. NICE does not offer any quota seats for admission to any program in any category at the Institute.

iii. Admissions shall be made twice a year by the Institute; i.e. in the Fall and Spring Semesters of an Academic/Calendar year that starts from Fall Semester.

iv. NICE reserves the right to decide and determine the number of students/seats available in a program.

v. Every applicant is considered individually by Institute after conducting a review, evaluation and assessment of the following:
a Previous Academic records and fulfillment of the minimum academic eligibility criteria and requirements for the concerned program
b Performance in Aptitude Test and Written Assessments
c Performance at interview

vi. Credential of an applicant such as Degrees, Certificates, Marksheets, and Transcripts etc. must be presented in original form so it can be validated and verified by the Admission Department. In addition, documents of Identification such as CNIC/Passport or others will also be seen in original for validation purposes.

vii. Any information, document and/or details of accomplishments provided by an applicant must be attested and certified by the authorized individuals or department. Any document or information without a valid support of validation may not be accepted by the Institute.

viii. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide complete, accurate and timely (before the given deadline) information to NICE Admission Office and failure to do so, may affect their request for admission.

ix. Students are required to provide equivalency from the relevant authority such as HEC or IBCC etc., for their degrees and/or certificate obtained from an International University or Institute.

x. Provision of false, forged or fake document(s) or such entry in the admission form shall be dealt with the prevailing laws of the land. In such a case, the applicant’s request shall not be processed for admission. The admission of such an applicant shall be cancelled.

xi. NICE will cancel or annul the degree of a candidate, at any stage, who has taken admission by submitting forged or false document(s) or by providing wrongful information that helped him in getting admission in the Institute.

xii. An applicant may appear in the Admission/Aptitude test more than one time in case if they fail in the previous test or to improve his/her score.

xiii. Students waiting for their Intermediate or undergraduate results can also apply for admission in their desired degree programs. However, in such cases admission to a student will be given on provisional basis and it will only be confirmed upon the submission of transcript/result sheet or other evidence of program completion within the given or stipulated timeframe. An admission will be cancelled if a student fails to submit the above within the deadline.

xiv. NICE offers scholarships and financial assistance on basis of the need, merit or both basis. However, the Institute has a criteria for awarding financial provisions to a student and follows its latest Scholarship Policy and Guidelines to provide scholarships to students.

xv. However, the NICE Admission Committee reserves the right to increase, decrease or abolish the specified percentage of scholarships, on case to case basis.

xvi. The Institute shall register an admitted student on the name mentioned in his/her Matric (HSC) or O level equivalence certificate (SSC) issued by IBCC and the same will be used on a student’s degree and transcript.

xvii. Eligibility requirements of various degree programs is given below:


Program Title Acronym Eligibility Criteria(Pakistani Education System) Eligibility Criteria(Foreign Education System) Program Duration
Bachelor of Technology BT FSc Pre- Engineering Group 'or' Computer Science Group 'or' Diploma in Associate Engineer (DAE) with at least 50% marks in aggregate. A level (HSSC Equivalent) of “Pre-Engineering group” 'or' “Computer Science group” 'or' Overseas (HSSC Equivalent) High School Diploma/Certificate with no 'F' Grade 4 years 8 Semesters (Minimum)
Bachelor  of  Business Administration BBA HSSC/Intermediate or equivalent in any discipline or combination with at least 50% marks in aggregate. A level (HSSC Equivalent)  'or'
Overseas (HSSC Equivalent) High School Diploma/Certificate with no 'F' Grade
4 years
8 Semesters (Minimum)
Bachelor of Education B.ED
Bachelor in Commerce B.COM
Associate Degree in Education ADE
Associate Degree in Network Management ADNM 2 Years
4 Semesters (Minimum)


Program Title Abbreviation Eligibility Criteria(Pakistani Education System) Program Duration
Master of Business Administration (BBA Following) MBA(F) 4 Years Bachelor (Honors) Degree in Business Administration from HEC Recognized local/foreign University/Institute of at least 130 credit hours or 2 years Bachelor 1.5 years 4 Semesters (Minimum)
Master of Business Administration (Regular) MBA(R) At least 2 Years Bachelor Degree (BSc/BA/B.Com etc.) having 14 years of Education from HEC Recognized local/foreign University/Institute 3.5 Years 8 Semesters (Minimum)
Master of Business Administration (Evening/Weekends) MBA(E) 16 years non business degree such as MSc/MA/MBBS/MCS/BSC/BE LLB/4 or professional certification recognized by the Higher Education Commissions of Pakistan as Master equivalent program such as ACMA, CA, ACCA 2.5 Years 5-6 Semesters (Minimum)
Master of Education M.ED B.Ed./ B.S.Ed. with at least 45% marks in annual system or CGPA 2.0 from HEC Recognized local/foreign University/Institute. 2 Years 4 Semesters (Minimum)

(for Undergraduate / Graduate Programs)

Entry Tests:

As the first part of the admission process, intended students are appeared in the Aptitude Test for admissions conducted by the Institute, before the start of a semester. Aptitude test is composed of number of short questions and is divided into ‘six’ parts, mentioned below:

1. Vocabulary
2. Structure & written expression
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Arithmetic Problems
5. Number/Letter Series Problems
6. Figure Series Problems


Successful candidates of the aptitude tests are called for the interview by a team of Faculty Members, Subject Experts or other relevant members.


Grades obtained Matric/O Level or Equivalent 10% 10% 1.5 years 4 Semesters (Minimum)
Grades obtained HSSC / A-Level / DAE or Equivalent 40% 10% 3.5 Years 8 Semesters (Minimum)
Grades obtained in Graduation/Bachelor Program Not Applicable 30% 2.5 Years 5-6 Semesters (Minimum)
Aptitude Test (Passing Marks 50%) 40% 40% 2 Years 4 Semesters (Minimum)
Interviews (Evaluation on the basis of subject knowledge, communication, personality etc.) 10% 10% 2 Years 4 Semesters (Minimum)
TOTAL 100 % 100 %

Admission Policy for Transfer Students

Students seeking migration from other institutions of higher education are allowed admission in NICE along with credit transfer subject to the following conditions.

1- The previous University / Institution of Higher Education from which student desires to transfer must be a reputable HEC recognized University/Degree awarding institute of higher learning.
2- Applicant must have CGPA of 2.00 or higher for admission in undergraduate program and 2.5 or higher for admission in postgraduate program.
3- No objection certificate from the institution from which student is seeking transfer must accompany the transfer application.
4- The application must be submitted at least 4 weeks before commencement of the semester.
5- A copy of transcript along with course contents should/have to/must with the transfer application.
6- NICE at its discretion may refuse any application without assigning any reason.
7- Credit transfers are allowed depending on equivalence and content matching of the courses; and minimum of B grade in that subject.
8- Applicant must provide a clearance certificate from his/her previous institution.
9- The participant will have to cover the entire deficient course(s) (if any) within the stipulated time for the completion of his/her degree.
10- Only 40% of the total credit hours completed by student at previous University/Degree awarding institute are transferable.